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My Pace tells the story of Skylar, a young sloth who has always felt different from all of her friends. After having a particularly hard day, Skylar has a talk with her parents that changes her perspective on how she views herself. Join Skylar on her journey as she discovers the importance of not comparing herself to others and living life at her own pace.

“I love reading this book to my daughter! She is a natural competitor, and this story helps me illustrate that while she won’t win at everything, she will excel at the things she’s purposed to do here on Earth!”
—Dana Montgomery, Mom-In-Chief

“As a father, this book is very relatable. Kids are so focused on trying to fit in with the crowd when they should be embracing their differences. Celebrating our differences is what makes us all special, and that is the message I try to drill into my daughter.”
—Dondi McGowan, Retail Accounting & Accounts Payable Manager

“I really enjoy reading this book to my three-year-old son. He loves all of the pictures and relates to the story in more ways than one. I always express to him the importance of embracing his differences, so Skylar’s story is absolutely perfect. Raven may have written this book for children, but we can all learn from it. No matter our age or season of life we may be in, we need to love one another, as well as ourselves, and embrace the unique, God-crafted characteristics that make us all special. This book brings that lesson to a level that my child can comprehend and really enjoy! It’s a book that he can relate to and read again and again!”
—Stephanie Epps, Mother, Gymnastics Coach, Caregiver

“I encourage everyone to go on this journey with Skylar as she is reminded of her beauty, both inside and out. I think Skylar’s dad said it best: ‘Everyone is different and wears their own crown.’ Enjoy this fresh, uplifting children’s story as you remind your little one that they too are fearfully and wonderfully made.”
—Joy Kincade, Administrative Director (Nurses Travel Network)

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