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Society kept them apart. Fate brought them together.

Kaneesha Johnson and Sarah James are two fourteen-year-old girls who have grown up on opposite sides of a small town known as Casterville. When the two girls meet, they realize that something has to be done to solve the differences that burden the town, and that something has to be done now. As they begin their journey, working through their dilemmas, Kaneesha and Sarah soon find themselves in a whirlwind of drama, suspense, insecurities, and the unchangeable fact that just might change their lives forever. From the State Track and Field Championships to the drama arising in the Casterville high schools, Kaneesha and Sarah are in for a surprise that will leave everyone guessing, including the girls themselves.


About the Author

Raven Magwood

As a 13-year-old sophomore in high school, Raven Magwood wrote Double Sided in the span of just a few short months. Little did she know that the fictional story would go on to be the inspiration for a feature-length film. Since writing Double Sided, the 20-year-old author, speaker, and screenwriter has travelled the country, speaking to youth, parents, and corporations about unlocking their full potentials. Using her own stories of defeat and triumph, Raven tells her audiences, “If you are dedicated to something you love, determined to work hard, and disciplined to plan how you’ll get there, then you can achieve success.” - For more information about Raven, please visit

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