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A Heroic Journey to Save the Freelanders

Asyla Tarden has escaped the clutches of King Zytree Altrumont and his henchmen—now, it’s up to her to find Surillion, who saved her people before. As she seeks refuge in the mountains, she is welcomed by Winslow Greenleaf and his family, where her skills are honed and a plan made to survive those who hunt her. As her quest moves forward, Tymen endures the mind games of a cruel king. But the sharp wits of Des Kwaln and Etob Sheerbain keep Zytree off balance, while his puppets Banto and Bene wield their illusory power. Betrayals and vengeance struggle with hope and courage, as Tymen vows to remain strong. Beautifully balanced between deftly plotted, exciting adventure and deep psychological resonance and emotional truth, this rich and compelling novel will leave you longing for the next installment of The Cantrill.


About the Author

K. Raymond Zabielski

K. Raymond Zabielski is a native of Long Island, New York. He began writing The Cantrill series in the Catskills and Adirondacks, where he spent time hiking and camping, reinforcing his deep love of nature. In addition to his passion for storytelling and the great outdoors, he loves animals. After a stint in Florida, Zabielski moved to Colorado, back to the mountains, which continue to inspire him as a writer.

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