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Complacency Gives Rise to an Evil Dictator . . .

Fifty years after the first Battle of Harding, with the terror of the hostile kingdom of Altrumont but a distant memory, the Freelands begin to crack from within. Archivist and historian Etob Sheerbain has tried to educate his people about the past, but his stories and warnings are dismissed by many. While some stay vigilant and watchful, trouble grows in their midst as a contingent of malcontents, led by the blustering Banto Weathers, creates rifts among the Freelanders. Watching and waiting, King Zytree of Altrumont bides his time, with the horrifying brilliance that can come only when superb intelligence meets a moral void. Book Two of The Cantrill brings back beloved characters and introduces new ones, including fearless double agent Twinton Marx; the mysterious refugee Peri, whose culinary skill earns him a royal appointment; Jaron and Asyla, the courageous next generation of leaders in the Freelands; and the formidable, complex Des Kwaln, the indispensable woman behind King Floren’s throne, whose trustworthiness is matched only by her hatred of Altrumont. Sweeping in scope, richly detailed, and superbly insightful, The Spider King is extraordinary epic fantasy that is both a thrilling adventure and a feast for the heart and soul.


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K. Raymond Zabielski

K. Raymond Zabielski is a native of Long Island, New York. He began writing The Cantrill series in the Catskills and Adirondacks, where he spent time hiking and camping, reinforcing his deep love of nature. In addition to his passion for storytelling and the great outdoors, he loves animals. After a stint in Florida, Zabielski moved to Colorado, back to the mountains, which continue to inspire him as a writer.

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