May and the Beautiful Little Flowers

by Madelyne and Larry Spann


Book Details

May and the Beautiful Little Flowers

Grownups are always on the go! Working. Cooking. Cleaning. Busy, Busy, BUSY! However, sometimes it’s nice just to take a break and look at the beautiful flowers! Inspired by real events, that’s the moral of the story in this third installment of May Book Series.

Uncle Lawrence goes to pick up his niece from daycare, and is immediately distracted by daily work woes. While walking to the car, May notices tiny white flowers blooming that goes unnoticed by her busy uncle. Though initially ignored, feisty May manages to get her uncle to stop and take note of the tiny treasure nestled in the deep blades of green grass.

This moment melts Uncle Lawrence’s heart and sparks a change. He alters the course of his day to take May to the park and the afternoon becomes one of the most cherished memories with his beloved niece. Any busy parent wishing to teach the value of enjoying peaceful moments of nature will appreciate the simple lesson illustrated by May and the beautiful little flowers!


About the Author

Madelyne and Larry Spann

Devoting most of her professional career to working in the library system, Madelyne Spann LOVES books. After retiring from 30+ years working for the Berkeley County Library System in South Carolina, the Mayor of Goose Creek gave a special proclamation to honor her years of service to the community. Post retirement, she decided it was time to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a published author. Inspired by journal entries Madelyne recorded while observing her first grandchild Maylene, she developed a series of books about an inquisitive little girl named May. The first 2 releases in the series are May Learns To Pray and May Asks, Why? Why? Why? Madelyne is the mother of 3, and enlisted the help of her eldest son Larry as co-author. She is married to Pastor Samuel E. Spann, and the couple reside in South Carolina.

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