May Asks Why? Why? Why?

by Madelyne and Larry Spann


Book Details

May Asks Why? Why? Why?

Whether you refer to them as Nana and Gamps, Memaw and Pops, or even Grammy and Boompa most toddlers adore their grandparents. Where else can you go to get smothered with unconditional love, enjoy wonderful sweet treats, and allowed to stay up past your bedtime!? In this second installment of May Book Series, May takes a trip to visit her maternal grandparent’s house Grandpa Sam and Grandma Maddie. In this tale we hear the amusing questions May has about growing up as she asks her grandparents and their neighbors The Smileys. Any parent wishing to start a conversation with their child about life lessons of aging and how important it is to start healthy habits while young will enjoy May’s quest to know Why, Why, Why!?


About the Author

Madelyne and Larry Spann

Devoting most of her professional career to working in the library system, Madelyne Spann LOVES books. After retiring of 30+ years working for the Berkeley County Library System in South Carolina, the Mayor of Goose Creek gave a special proclamation to honor her years of service to the community. Post retirement, she decided it was time to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a published author. Inspired by journal entries Madelyne recorded while observing her first grandchild Maylene, she developed a series of books about an inquisitive little girl named May. The first release in the series is entitled May Learns To Pray, and Madelyne is THRILLED to release the second book in the series May Asks Why, Why, Why? Madelyne is the mother of 3, and enlisted the help of her eldest son Larry as co-author. She is married to Pastor Samuel E. Spann, and the couple reside in South Carolina.

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