Murder Comes to Madtree

The Sixth Snoopypuss Mystery

by Georgann Prochaska


Book Details

Lena Vincenti wants no murders on her wedding day. Is that too much to ask?

When the first police car arrives at Lena and Julian’s wedding, guests are tickled. Has someone pulled off a joke? Cars two and three make their eyes dart to the Madtree Inn, and the arrival of a crime van quickens hearts. Lena turns to Alice Tricklebank and demands, “Find out who has been murdered on my wedding day!” With a posse of elderly wedding guests and a bloodhound ready to snoop, Alice noses into the secrets and old wounds at Elizabeth Madtree’s Apple Orchard Resort. Who is the murderer and why does he stay?


About the Author

Georgann Prochaska

Georgann Prochaska studied literature at Illinois State University and taught high school for 34 years. She is the author of six mysteries and one memoir. Her two fictional grandmother sleuths, along with a Vietnam veteran and a bloodhound, solve cold cases in small towns filled with secrets.

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