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Take Cover, Now!

A tornado has flattened homes in the rural town of Grindstone, and Alice Tricklebank, her grandson Henry, and Audrey the bloodhound volunteer to search for survivors. When Audrey demands entrance into a wrecked home but is stopped by police, Henry uses the distraction to charge past them through the broken door. Inside, he finds a dead body—but sobs from the basement quickly lead Henry and the police to an even more shocking sight…

In Murder Comes to Grindstone—the fifth Snoopypuss mystery—Alice and Audrey have snooped into a case bigger than murder, and Henry’s life is on the line.

* * *

“What fun! A marvelous mélange of characters stirred into adventure and mystery by a wonderful, slobbery bloodhound called Audrey!”

“…A fast-paced book with interesting characters and a labyrinthine plot. Highly recommended!”

“…A textured mystery that keeps the reader guessing until the very satisfying end.”


About the Author

Georgann Prochaska

Georgann Prochaska grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, studied literature at Illinois State University, and taught high school students until she retired. Her love of mysteries led her to write the Snoopypuss series featuring a bloodhound named Audrey who noses her way into murders and mysteries.

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