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Entertaining crime drama features Detective Rick Hill, known for bending the rules and dodging bullets, must solve a brutal crime quickly without breaking the law while training a rookie detective or be replaced. He knows the FBI is monitoring his progress from a distance for possible acceptance. Multiple attempts on his and the rookie’s lives complicates and delays the investigation. Rick’s boss loses patience and demands case be solved immediately, or else. Rick makes a last ditch effort and implements an unorthodox plan to stop the inflow of drugs into the city and catch the killer... it fails. Evidence is discovered Rick is not who he claimed to be. His life turns upside down and he must decide what is more important: saving his career, his acceptance into the FBI or protecting a family member from life imprisonment or the death penalty. Read this exciting crime drama now.


About the Author

Edward Vogler

Edward Vogler, author of over a hundred short stories has provided joy for many readers in the Tampa Bay area. He satisfies his writing passion by writing between his many ventures throughout the Caribbean and Western Europe. He will also cozy up under the shade of a palm tree on his special Florida beach while tapping his laptop keys. This Marine Corps Vet and Commercial Pilot proudly announces his eight novel, Faceless Fox, a crime novel. Google ‘Author Edward Vogler’ and visit his website for additional information on him and his stories. Send him a note at: He is delighted to receive your mail and promises to personally reply to all messages. He is not a spammer.

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