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Given an ultimatum, brash Detective Rick Hill must spring into action and stop the flow of cocaine into the city or lose his job. Those close to him keep dying and feeling jinxed, pushes others away. He doesn’t need friends. While masking a severe phobia, Hill follows the evidence trail and struggles through multiple heart-pounding dilemmas ending up in Columbia. Outnumbered and outgunned, where are his friends now? How does he survive? If you enjoyed Satan’s Sand and Four Critical Days, you’ll love White Mist, the action-packed crime drama with twists and turns and drama around every corner to a surprising conclusion.


About the Author

Edward Vogler

Edward Vogler, a Marine Corps veteran and Commercial Pilot has authored over a hundred short stories providing joy to many readers in Tampa Bay. White Mist is his seventh action-packed novel with more to follow. Visit his website: for more information or send him a note at:

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