The Nerve of Willow

Nervous Willow

by Eric S. Robbins


Book Details

Don’t ever stop chasing your dreams!

In this work of fiction, Willow is a star football player that has everything going for him. Football is his joy, as he has what it takes to get to the next level. He has a special ability, which is related to his nerve problem. If Willow becomes nervous, supernatural events will take place. One bad choice has put him in a situation where he needs fast money to fix a problem. Everything takes a turn for the worst as he faces opportunity, crime, and betrayal. Will he choose to stay on the right path or would he lose focus and stop chasing his dream?


About the Author

Eric S. Robbins

My name is Eric S. Robbins, I believe in hard work and creativity. I like to write fictional novels which stems from simple and large circumstances in life. Join me as I plan to enjoy the fruits of my labor. All glory to God!

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