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Do you have what it takes to survive A World of Storms?

We all have everyday struggles in life which are called storms. There are a few ways to survive storms, however, there is only one way to defeat storms. In this novel, the chosen ones are on a quest to not only survive but to defeat “A World of Storms.” As the young men enter this world, they meet other people that have their own experiences. They each have life threatening injuries which causes them to enter this world. These storms are continuous, dangerous and physical. All survivors are given great powers and abilities by surviving the storms. For the people that are stuck in this world of violent storms; safety, food and resources for survival are limited. All survivors have rules to follow and if the rules are violated then there are fatal consequences. There are three chosen survivors on this journey, and they must find each other to combine their powers to defeat the storms. In this world, they found a new direction and strength to deal with the storms. The new strength that’s discovered in this world is based on one word and one word alone. Do they have what it takes to survive the storms, or do they run out of time to complete this mission?


About the Author

Eric S. Robbins

I was told as a child by many that I have a vivid imagination and a natural ability to write short stories. The recent passing of my mother gave me the desire to complete this novel. It was an obvious way for me to deal with the pain of her death. I’ve spent numerous of days thinking of writing my story, but didn’t take the initiative to complete my work. A few days after my mother’s death, she came to me in a dream and said “Eric, Finish it.” This is my first novel and God gets all the praise! Once again, I would like to thank God and dedicate this novel to my late grandmother Mary Evelyn Gauntt and my late mother Patricia Ann Robbins. They were a great team and did a wonderful job on keeping me motivated in making good life choices. When I was younger, I thought about quitting school and my grandmother talked me out of it. She mentioned a short story to me, it was about a guy that was 23 years old that finished high school at that age. She stated that this guy didn’t give up on school and now he’s a doctor. That story motivated me to finish school while receiving multiple degrees and it shaped me into the person that I am today. I one day asked my grandmother about this guy and she started to laugh. It was that moment, that I realized that she made this story up. Thanks Mary Evelyn Gauntt, for you, I am thankful for each opportunity that’s placed in front of me. I told myself one day, that I must do something that I’ve never done to get to where I would like to be in life. This is that opportunity and I plan to take full advantage!

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