You Don’t Say!

A Lowbrow Look at the Informal American Language

by G. Mason, Ah.SD


Book Details

Goober's Wild Ride

Get on board for a lively romp with Goober through the unruly thicket of American informal speech. The Goob guarantees to help you bridge the chasm between our everyday lingo and effective scribbling, scribing and–perish the thought–speechifying!


About the Author

G. Mason, Ah.SD

The author, an ordinary guy whose scant schooling did not restrain his education, combines a lifetime of listening with a sober dose of introspection to shine a light of scrutiny into the way we talk. Informal American English, animated and efficient, flows easily in casual conversation. But in more structured situations our daily jargon can inflict harm upon academic and professional achievement. Join the author in breaking the bonds of our demotic speech.

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