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The second book of the serial trilogy In the Land of Rob.

The Call of the Whip-poor-will picks up the story of Rob Nickerson with his imprisonment at the end of the first book, The Tale of a Woods Colt. After his stint in the penitentiary, Rob's misadventures in the Shenandoah Valley lead him back to his Blue Ridge Mountain home and a life punctuated by small triumphs and private tragedies amongst hills and hollows deemed wild and woolly by lowlanders. Rob eventually falls foul of the law again, takes up a curious double love life, and finds himself caught up in the forced eviction of several thousand mountain people during the formation of Virginia's Shenandoah National Park.


About the Author

G. Mason

The narrative and the spoken mountain dialect are drawn from the author’s many years of living amongst the Blue Ridge mountain people and his two decades of close acquaintance with the real Old Man Rob.

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