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This is the continuing saga of the trials and tribulations of the Shearer family of Appleton.

William Shearer, the family patriarch, died a wealthy man. He left his fortune chiefly to his family; generally a benevolent gift, but a disaster for the Shearers.

The maid, Lois, inherited a modest amount, which enabled her to promptly quit; wherein a seemingly endless parade of useless replacements came and went. (quickly).

The now-rich family bought cars, (trouble), as 15 year old Will ‘borrowed’ the family Packard one night, wrecked it and almost totaled himself. Somewhat recovered, he visited cousins Percy and Jessie, in Hollywood. Jessie took restless Will and brother Rocky Waldo to visit friends. Son, Chris, was going to San Francisco in his father’s yacht, taking wealthy friends along, and Will was invited to join them.

The yacht was speeding towards San Francisco, when Will was horrified to learn he was invited to join a robbery they planned in the city. Panicky Will, pleading seasickness, took to his bed until a sympathetic steward helped him to escaped in the dingy only to find he was rescued by smugglers. Will befriended a Chinese shipmate, and with bribery, he and his friend escaped from the Smugglers in Singapore. But sometimes calamity heaps upon calamity: Will, angry but helpless, was now ‘free’ but sailing to India in an elegant Chinese junk.

Meanwhile, Will’s distraught family instigated searches everywhere; eventually unhappily resigned that he was gone.

Sometimes blessings are mixed: causes bring effects, not always pleasant. But passing such tests bring strength and growth which can flow into wisdom and love and joy.


About the Author

Barbara A. Cefalu

Barbara A. Cefalu is a musician/composer/author who has written several musicals and plays. Most recently she has published 9 illustrated children’s books, featuring the feisty felines Patty-Cat and Kittle. Barbara spends her time in Florida creating poetry and imaging what fun adventures her cats will have next.

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