Tales of Burning Embers

A Collection of Campfire Stories

by Richard G. Lamb


Book Details

Spooky Tales of Excitement, of the Unnatural, and of the Unknown.

There is something magical, sitting around a campfire with a group of friends, somewhere out in nature. The warmth of the fire feels good on those chilly nights and seems to draw everyone together. As the fire burns, the flames flicker and cast shadows all around. Overhead, the wind whistles through the trees, causing the boughs to quiver and shake, and the dark of the night is full of eerie and strange noises all around. What is it that may be lurching somewhere out in the darkness? In such a setting, nearly everyone enjoys stories that are full of mystery, excitement, and intrigue. This book contains ten original spooky tales of fright, of the inexplicable, and of the unnatural. They were written with the intention and the hope that these stories will bring enjoyment to the readers and the listeners, wherever they may be.


About the Author

Richard G. Lamb

Richard G. Lamb has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Arts degree in German and English and has taught both languages for several years. He also speaks Spanish and some French. He has an appreciation for different countries, cultures, languages, and ways of life. His passion for writing has resulted in several short stories,knovelettes, novels,and documentary works.

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