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The Art of Storytelling

In Short Stories of Life, Love, and Remembrance, gifted author Alexander Rassogianis presents sixteen beautifully crafted tales that bring to life characters grappling with the beauty and tragedy of everyday life, from the shattering trauma of war to the delicate anguish of seeing change in a longtime friendship. From a simple tale of nostalgia centered on childhood memories of a wondrous tree swing to an intriguing tale of a bond forged in suffering during a horrible ocean crossing; from the United States to Athens and Russia; from acts of redemption to amazing coincidences, these stories embrace, celebrate, and illuminate the moments that make us deeply human and richly alive.


About the Author

Alexander Rassogianis

Alexander Rassogianis earned a bachelor’s degree in history and political science from Elmhurst College and a master’s degree in history from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He taught history in Chicago and served as a compliance officer for the US government. He is the author of Return to Glenlord: Memories of Michigan Summers, The Entrepreneurial Spirit of the Greek Immigrant in Chicago, Illinois: 1900-1930, and Rainbow over Portland. He is currently writing a novel titled Clouds Over the Aegean.

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