My Journey through the Inner Planes

A Spiritual Memoir

by Sarah Pauly


Book Details

An Amazing and Powerful Story of Spiritual Awakening

Travel with Sarah Pauly through family relationships and into the inner spiritual planes as she tells her story of spiritual awakening. Her unusually strong connection with her Inner Self leads her into experiences both familiar and beyond this world. In vivid, compelling, and evocative stories and imagery, she fulfills her present life’s mission by confronting and healing her past and preparing for a better future of light and hope for herself and for all humanity. Woven into her journey are great and loving beings, among them Mother Mary, Jesus of Nazareth, and an extraordinary woman named Mariam. They guide and protect her, sometimes by offering unexpectedly difficult, even problematic situations and relationships. As her healing and understanding grow, past life secrets are revealed, and specific stories and situations yield hard-won wisdom that can be applied broadly. As Sarah learns to love herself and others more deeply, her destiny becomes sharper and more focused.


About the Author

Sarah Pauly

Sarah was a grade school teacher and Waldorf teacher who entered a mystical path and became ordained at Sancta Sophia Seminary. Through study, meditation and prayer she turned to the inner path. She has two grown children and currently resides in Florida and Michigan with her beloved husband.

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