Jericho Caine Vampire Slayer

Dakota Rises

by Dee Rose


Book Details

“You’re a vampire, and I’m the vampire slayer…end of story.” Jericho Caine to Kota.

Jericho’s vacation is interrupted when he learns that an ancient vampire angel, Dakota, has risen. Dakota’s story is unique in that both angels and demons believe he’s an abomination and want to destroy him. Instead of blood, Kota survives off human souls, which poses a threat to both Heaven and the underworld. The humans that he turns into creatures of the night, are more zombie-like than vampires, and are called minions. When a demon coerces the vampire Lord, Caden, leader of the Ireland Murphy clan, to hunt down and kill Dakota, it sets off a chain of events that lead to Jericho. The slayer, in turn must deal with Kota, new threats like vampires sirens, and werewolves, all while trying to understand his own powers.

Jericho Caine is also a character from the HMU, whose story can stand on its own. However, Jericho’s story build’s up to the novel, The Hangman Returns.


About the Author

Dee Rose

Dee Rose was born July 5th and resides in Denver, Colorado. He has two daughters, Nadia and Nicole, who inspire him daily. Dee took up writing while in high school at William A Wirt in Gary, Indiana. He graduated from CCA and studied Political Science at Metropolitan State University. “Shocking readers has become my forte,” he says. “I love getting the readers hooked before I lower the boom, and go in a totally different direction.”

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