No Deadlier Destiny

by Jeanette A. Fratto


Book Details

Can You Ever Be Safe?

A convicted felon has escaped while being transported to prison, and he’s bent on revenge. His sights are set on everyone in law enforcement involved in his case. Unfortunately, probation officer Linda Davenport is one of them. She prepared his sentencing report, which the judge followed to the letter. Will he be able to carry out the threats he’s made? Linda jumps at the chance for a temporary assignment to a new program, post-release. She learns one of her cases is Tina Higuera, the woman believed responsible for the death of Linda's friend, Carol Alder. Tina has no idea that Linda knows her story. Will Linda be able to hold her anger and resentment in check and walk a fine line to stay objective while supervising her? As the escapee follows through on his threats, Linda is forced to take extreme measures that destroy her wedding plans and threaten her future. Just when she thinks she’s safe, a new threat comes her way. This time Linda takes matters into her own hands, but will doing so risk everything, including her life? You’ll keep turning pages as you travel Linda’s rough road with her. You may think you know the outcome, but you’ll be surprised. This novel has its twists and turns, but finishes logically, with no loose ends.


About the Author

Jeanette A. Fratto

Jeanette Fratto holds a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Social Science from California State University, Fullerton. She enjoyed a 26-year career in the probation system in Orange County, California, and now concentrates on writing. In addition to her novels, her short stories and essays have appeared in anthologies and magazines. Jeanette lives in southern California with her husband Bernard. She welcomes comments from readers and can be reached at: or - -

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