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She Feels the Flickers of Hell All Around Her—It’s Not Where She’s Going, It’s Where She’s At

The highly educated Dr. Faye Davis isn’t satisfied. A member of the esteemed faculty at Cullen State University, life in academia has left her unfulfilled regarding what she wants most—a family. The bleak, dispirited region of West Texas presents the appropriate backdrop to Faye’s turbulent life within the toxic Davis family. At first, she longed for kinship and belonging within the Davis tribe, but certain members wouldn’t have it, not now . . . not ever. It left her desperate, fearful, and with blood on her hands. Faye’s mother, socialite Madeline Brady, doesn’t mince words when it comes to her disapproval of Faye’s marriage to Dr. Todd Davis and her grip on her stepdaughter’s baby. Fearing for her daughter’s safety, she warns Faye that there are far worse things in life than being alone. The mother’s advice for her daughter is to just let it go. But can she convince Faye before it’s too late? What needs to happen for the learned Faye to realize that certain things in life are just not meant to be? One thing is certain, the lesson will be terrifying and costly.


About the Author

Nina Blakeman

Nina Blakeman is the author of the Faye Davis series. A PhD in pharmacology, she takes her knowledge to a fictional realm. Her psychological thrillers are meant to unhinge the reader’s sense of well-being. She lives in West Texas with her husband, Scot, and their three dogs. She enjoys 1960’s classic rock, golf, a good suspense novel, and the Green Bay Packers. Want to read more about Faye Davis? Books in this series include, The Blow-up Man and Envy Rots the Bones.

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