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Be Care of What You Wish for…You Might Get It

Venomous vipers of the mind twist throughout the ventricular crevices of the innocent, and the not so innocent. They work down into the deepest recesses until those that are tormented…become the tormentors. Dr. Faye Davis’s mind is scientifically trained, but her hands are bloody, wringing with guilt. She’s killed her husband’s old flame, the mother of his illegitimate twin girls. One of them, Emma, suspects the step-mother, and her plan for revenge comes from a soulless place. Her mind is so devoured, no pure spirit can enter. With this sixteen-year-old adolescent, there is no wringing of hands. She patiently waits, sleeping the sleep of Saints. Faye and her husband’s love affair had been passionate, but the marriage hell. Faye’s daddy issues and fear of abandonment keep her tied to the turbulent Davis family. But a physical altercation with Emma leaves Faye fleeing the family home. Emma calls on demon spirits to rid her family from Faye. The adolescent will only accept a family on her terms. Faye is determined. She is willing to fight the devil himself to hold on to what is hers.


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Nina Blakeman

Nina Blakeman, BSN, PhD is an experienced professional with diverse experiences as a writer, educator, and administrative professional. She’s an avid golfer and fan of the Green Bay Packers. She lives in West Texas with her husband, Scot, and their three dogs, Lambeau, Goobie, and Dingo.

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