Secrets In A Small Town

by Jerry Snodgrass


Book Details

When Small-Town Life Isn’t So Quiet…

At the age of 66, Jake Walker thinks he’s ready for some peace and quiet. When the Vietnam veteran, former POW, recent widower, and a retired SWAT Team Commander from the Houston, Texas Police Department moves to the small town of Rockriver, Texas, he figures he’s in for a life of leisure. But adventure finds Jake even when he’s not looking for it. An old item about a forty-year-old cold case murder catches his attention, and before he knows it, Jake is on the trail of crime and corruption—and something more. As he investigates the old crime, Jake has the opportunity to meet Camy Jo Parker, a divorcée who seems to be interested in more than Jake’s abilities as a detective. Will Jake find a new career and lease on life in what seemed to be a sleepy small town? While Justice Sleeps is a fast-paced, enjoyable novel full of memorable characters, with a satisfying mix of action and romance.


About the Author

Jerry Snodgrass

Jerry Snodgrass was born in Butler, Missouri in 1938. He entered the military after graduating from Indianola, Iowa high school in 1957, and for over fifty years, he lived his dream, serving in military and federal service, traveling to exotic locations. Jerry is a Vietnam veteran and a life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion. Jerry currently lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Rosemary and their Yorkie, Stormy. While Justice Sleeps is the first novel in the new Jake Walker series, inspired by his fascination with the modern Texas lawman.

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