International Suspense

by Jerry Snodgrass


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The Beautiful Rhine River Is Hiding Deadly Secrets…

Brady Lane is happy to be retired from the US Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID). He is enjoying life with his second wife, Julie, and his two lovely daughters. But at the age of forty-five, Brady finds he’s not quite ready to retire when his expertise is requested to help solve the murder of his close friend and former partner. Brady and Julie relocate to Germany, where they find themselves enmeshed in an international intrigue, chasing down an arms and drug smuggler whose only motivation is money. This deftly plotted thriller will have you on the edge of your seat as you discover what really goes on beneath the tranquil exterior of the Castle on the Rhine.


Book Excerpt

DECEMBER 15, 2009, 1725 HOURS, LANDSTUHL, GERMANY: Unknown assassins murdered criminal Investigation Command, Special Agent Stewart R. Walker, age fifty-six, at his quarters near Landstuhl, Germany. Four .45-caliber bullets were recovered from wounds in his body. Two .45-caliber bullets were recovered: one from the door-frame, and one from the inside wall of the apartment. The windowpane was shattered directly behind where his body was found. It was determined that the murder weapon had a silencer. Evidence: the two bullets recovered from the door-frame did not penetrate deep into the frame, and one bullet passed through the far right side of the windowpane. There were no witnesses, and there were no reports of neighbors hearing gunshots. Surveillance cameras at the apartment complex picked up a black BMW exiting the scene at a high rate of speed. A partial license plate number, 431, identified one hundred ten vehicles with the same three numbers. (CASE REOPENED DEC 1, 2009)


About the Author

Jerry Snodgrass

JERRY SNODGRASS was born in Butler, Missouri and raised in Indianola, Iowa. After graduating from high school in 1957, he fulfilled his dreams of serving in the military and federal service, traveling to exotic locations for more than fifty years. Jerry is an adventurous retired Vietnam veteran, and a life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion. Jerry lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Rosemary and their Yorkie, Stormy. Jerry’s published books include the Old West adventure Frontier Justice and the sequel, Lone Star Destiny; the fictional memoir Moments to Remember 1957, about teenagers growing up in the 1950s; and Broken Triangle, a detective novel set in Texas.

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