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“Like all of the great writers, Kekilbaev was unable to avoid a traditional love triangle. In his late novel com parable, already a well- known classic by this time, he has imbued the love story with many new dimensions, assembling a realm founded upon the elements of authority, talent and the people themselves.” (Abdijamil Nurpeisov)


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Abish Kekilbaev

The prominent Kazakh author and statesman, Abish Kekilbaev, was born in 1939 in the Village of Ondy, in the Mengyshlak peninsula. After completing his studies in Kazakh State University he began working for several literary newspapers and magazines, while simultaneously actively focusing on his own personal writing. He was also widely known as a literary critic, as well. After Kazakhstan proclaimed its independence, he headed the committee for National policy and Development of Language and Culture. In 1995, he was elected a member of the Parliament. His first work was published in 1962. Over the years, he has written upwards of fifty books – and has solidified his position as marvel of the Kazakh literary scene. Some of his famous works are the historical novels, like “End of the Legend”, “: Ballads of the Forgotten years”, “The Will’ and other. He passed away on December night of 2015, and was interred in the National Pantheon of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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