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A Shocking, Destructive Force Emerges in the Colorado Rockies

Kane Baker is a man who will stop at nothing. After ending his horrific career as an assassin in Chicago, he invented a double life in Colorado, hiding his profitable criminal activity under the guise of a county official. But when one of his operations deep in the national forest goes wrong and is accidentally witnessed by two random hikers, he must eliminate them. These two previous strangers—Texan Nathan Braswell, and young pregnant widow Rachel Greystone—find themselves thrown together in a high-stakes quest for their own survival. When corrupt local officials orchestrate an attack on their safe house, they must flee and seek help. Assigned to help, Sarah McCloud, a feisty new sheriff’s deputy will see in Nathan an opportunity to prove her worth and integrity. Nathan’s mother and uncle, who work for the FBI’s Paranormal Profiling, Identification, and Investigative Division, will also step up to coordinate and conduct a comprehensive investigation with the help of retired Police Chief Walker Ankatosh and other reliable officials. Nathan and Sarah must face their own worst fears when pitted against a psychopathic criminal whose greatest joy is fire…and the deadly destruction it causes. An inventive thrill ride with a deep sense of place and character, Canyon Spirits will keep you on the edge of your seat.


About the Author

B. H. Luther

B.H. Luther is an avid student of people, places, and human nature. She enriches her experiences with travel, and enjoys creative expression through painting, handcrafts, flower arranging, and writing fiction. She has deep roots in the South and Southwest. After a twenty-two year career with a San Antonio aviation company she and her husband, a retired senior Air Force officer, settled in the Texas Hill Country. She is working on a third novel, Desert Mountain Enigma.

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