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Terror Strikes West Texas

Terrorists are hell-bent on crossing the border into Texas to infiltrate major cities across the U.S. Their objective? To eradicate millions of U.S. citizens with a biological weapon of mass destruction—a specially engineered super virus. The Border Patrol, FBI, and local authorities join forces to find the terrorists, who are reported traveling north from Colombia, through Mexico, and into remote West Texas. Alanna Marie O’Quinn is a paranormal investigator who has helped the FBI solve crimes for years. She can communicate with the ethereal essences of the dead, or “source remains,” and gather information from dead criminals or victims at crime scenes, morgues, funeral homes, and cemeteries. When Alanna takes a rambling trip across the U.S. to recuperate from a string of murder investigations, she crosses paths with Joseph Chandler York, a rancher who has volunteered to help the Border Patrol stop the terrorists. But neither Alanna nor Joseph is prepared for the challenges and changes about to enter their lives... Stone Lion is an impressive undertaking, a novel with honorable and evil characters, murder and madness, and a dose of humor, community unity, and family love threaded throughout. This novel reveals that a life path will sometimes lead a person to mysterious places, with events along the way changing the direction of one’s life in the most unexpected ways.


About the Author

B. H. Luther

About the Author: B.H. Luther has deep roots in the South and Southwest. After a 22-year career with a San Antonio aviation company, she retired in 2009 and now resides in the Texas Hill Country north of San Antonio with her husband. Her two children and four grandchildren are happily close by. Aside from writing fiction, B.H.’s artistic talents have found expression through oil and pastel chalk painting, hand crafts, and flower arranging. Stone Lion is her debut novel, and she is currently working on her second, Canyon Spirits.

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