Sophie and Max Go Tumbling in Spacetime Again

by Antoinette Corum


Book Details

A Magical Space/Time Adventure!

In this second book of the series, Sophie the Siamese continues her quest to regain her human life as Olivia Jordan, a university research scientist. At first Max, a mixed breed mutt, agrees to help the cat just to get her out of his life. Later, he realizes that Sophie is the victim of a terrible injustice. Through the use of magic chants and bewitched crystals they travel through space and time. On their first trip into another dimension, Sophie and Max are amazed to find themselves transformed into humans. As you might expect, Sophie is thrilled, but Max is frightened and puzzled. He wants nothing more to do with Sophie’s harebrained schemes. But when Angelo Cavaliere, owner of the White Knight Bookstore, buys another tattered alchemy book from the young homeless man, Sophie is more determined than ever to control the power of the crystal and recover her former life. Angelo Cavaliere, Madame Giselle, and Linus Archimedes, 900-year-old alchemist and wizard extraordinaire, return for more hi-jinks and misadventures. Garon, the wizard’s apprentice, creates unexpected chaos when he is transformed from boy to dog on a return trip with Sophie and Max. And, like a bad penny, Olivia’s evil boss, turns up in their lives again after Max had sent him into the unknown. With the help of Linus Archer (the wizard’s alter ego in their reality), Sophie and Max accomplish small victories while creating bedlam. Reluctant allies in the beginning, Max the mutt and Sophie the Siamese become traveling companions on the road to friendship. Through their escapades in space and time, they learn to accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses because that’s what friends do.


About the Author

Antoinette Corum

Antoinette Corum is a retired elementary school teacher with over thirty years of experience. She loves to read and write stories for young readers to enjoy. She lives in South Carolina with her family.

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