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Dolph said, We are going to have so much fun getting to know one another.

J’nell has finally met the mysterious man of her dreams, the elusive Dolph Johnson. Together they plan their fairy tale life together. J’nell had always believed she was in complete control of her life, but life with Dolph had her world upside down. As she is busy setting up her legal practice, with the aid of her new managing partner, Philip Jefferies, Dolph continues to expand his real estate and culinary empire in the city both of them love almost as much as they love each other. New Orleans has been very good to this amazing couple. J’nell cannot imagine how her life could be anymore perfect. That is until she, along with Philip and her childhood friend, George Allen Lange, take on one of the largest oil companies in the country. She is also tested when George Allen’s father, Jacob Lange, the DA in Pike County, Mississippi, calls on her to assist in three cases in that county. Those three cases will have everlasting affects on her life and will help to forge lifelong friendships. Two of those cases will make her wealthy beyond her wildest imagination. True to J’nell’s loving nature, she finds a way to pay it forward when she establishes a home for abandoned and forgotten children. Finally, George Allen asks her to assist him in a matter which neither of them could ever have imagined. Through it all her love for Dolph continues to grow deeper each day.


About the Author

Brenda McComb

Brenda McComb’s first novel, Schillingsburg Chapter 1 was published in the summer of 2016 just two months after the death of her husband of 43 years. She and her Dachshund, Rufus, divide their time between their homes in Waveland, MS and Mt. Home, AR. where she continues to work on the final two books in the Schillingsburg series.

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