Schillingsburg Part 3

The Homecoming

by Brenda McComb


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Gavin said, “J’nell, you need to trust me on this. Do you trust me?”

Maybe the love I felt for Gavin was the kind of love that would sustain a marriage. I knew we were more than compatible sexually. Still ... I would think of the excitement I’d had in my marriage to Dolph, and I knew that was what I wanted if I ever remarried. I don’t believe there was a time in our marriage that I wasn’t walking around in a state of sexual excitement. That was the affect Dolph had had on me and when I thought of that affect, for some reason the image of Tom Rushing’s face intruded on my thoughts.


About the Author

Brenda McComb

Brenda McComb’s first novel Schillingsburg Chapter 1 was published a few weeks after the death of Steve, her husband of 43 years. She, along with her Dachshund, Rufus Joe, divides her time between her homes in Waveland, Mississippi and Mt. Home, Arkansas where she is currently working on the final two books in The Schillingsburg Saga. Also, watch for her upcoming novel Vieux Carre’.

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