Stan, The Little Turtle

by Anne Toole


Book Details

Little Stan turtle didn’t meet the creatures that lived in the woods. One day his mom goes away. Will the creatures help him find his mom? What important lesson does little Stan learn as he tries to find his mom?

Mother turtle was worried and wondered why little Stan turtle didn’t want to meet the creatures that lived nearby. All Stan wanted to do was swim in the pond all day. That was where he wanted to stay! One day little Stan is full of fear as his mom suddenly disappears. Stan had not met the creatures that were all around. Will they help him find his mom and will she ever be found? Read the story to find out if Stan’s mom returns,and what important lesson little Stan learns.


About the Author

Anne Toole

Anne Toole grew up in Williston, South Carolina. She graduated from Anderson Jr. College in Anderson, South Carolina. Ms. Toole is also a graduate of the University of Georgia. She taught first grade for thirty years in Augusta, Georgia. Ms. Toole has always enjoyed reading and writing poetry. After retiring, Ms. Toole worked part-time for three years as an ESOL teacher and also began writing stories about children and animals. Most of the stories are written in verse. Ms. Toole is an avid traveler and has traveled extensively in the United States, Canada, and Europe. She has also traveled in Northern Africa and the Middle East. She presently resides in Columbia, South Carolina. Ms. Toole is also the author of Mean Mike, The Bird That Didn’t Want To Be A Bird, The Frog That Lost His Croak, A Dog Named Cat and The Crow and the Big Oak Tree.

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