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One Fragile Church One Odd Cult Stir them together = A recipe for what?

Jonathan Whittaker, Penmouth’s vicar for the last twenty five years, knows his little church desperately needs a boost. Fund raisers like bake sales and talent shows no longer hold appeal. Most of his attendees are at an age where they are on restricted diets for one reason or another. Time has made their singing and dancing days an enhanced memory. The budget becomes more dismal each month and taxes will soon be due. Now, a peculiar cult has settled a short distance from the church. Worse yet, it seems to hold real appeal for some of the young people in the village, especially Jenny, who used to regularly show up for church on Sunday mornings. Jonathan knows he has to take action to bring her back into the fold. Believing he has prayed thoughtfully, he advises God of his intentions and heads off to do battle with the cult leader. Things do not go as planned! Dominic, of Caribbean heritage, is the new doctor in town. When his assistant unexpectedly quits, he hires Gemma knowing almost nothing about her. Both, adapting to the fabric of the village, find themselves pulled into the confusions facing the church. Readers will be entertained by the amusing efforts of diverse characters, young and old, as they attempt to find resolution on a variety of prickly issues.


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Evalina Mason

Evalina Mason, a retired educator, was born to an English war bride and an American G.I. Though she grew up in Central Washington and has lived there most of her life, she claims that her conscience speaks with a British accent. Evalina lives with her husband, a phenomenally patient man, and a small menagerie of furry friends.

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