Banister - Raiders of Santa Fe

An American Frontier Adventure Novel

by Kent Courtney


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It seemed that Banister blood was destined to wander, starting with the earliest of settlers in the original colonies. This desire to see what was beyond the mountains or the sea flowed like a curse through their veins, pushing them on… In the third installment of the popular Banister Ranch Series, we discover what it was like to travel into unknown regions of the western frontier as an early settler. Spending months riding in a hot, crowded, bone-jarring covered wagon was only part of the challenge. A shaky treaty with some of the Indian tribes opened the Santa Fe trail for travelers, but nothing guaranteed their safety or insured their success as they struggled not only to survive, but to build a ranch during a violent and dangerous time in American history. Banister—Raiders of Santa Fe blends American history with the saga of a fictional family, the Banisters, revealing what it was like to face multiple, seemingly unsurmountable challenges and surviving against all odds on the frontier. The series offers relevant, realistic historical fiction with real places and events woven into exciting storylines that will resonate with the modern reader.


About the Author

Kent Courtney

Kent Courtney is an Arizona native, born and raised in Camp Verde. His love for American and Arizona history, particularly “Old West” history, has inspired and informed his writing. Kent works full time as a paramedic firefighter and manages his own training company, teaching fire, medical, rescue, and wilderness survival classes.

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