The Year the Beatles Broke Up

Through the Eyes of a School Girl

by Janice E. Black


Book Details

A nostalgic coming-of-age novel

London, 1969, hot spot of the universe! The Beatles, bell bottoms, Vietnam War protests, reefers in Hyde Park, hopping on the Tube, and freaking out in Trafalgar Square between tea and crumpets… In the safe confines of a posh boarding school a fair walk from the end of the Bakerloo Line, Wendy, Tabitha, and other blossoming girls debate Yoko Ono’s role in the demise of the Beatles, compare erotic fantasies, yearn to fall in love, queue up for the payphone, and scheme to escape. The girls do get away from time to time. Loose in the center of the universe, they wander chic neighborhoods, experiment with drugs in edgy pads, flirt with blokes, try on clothes and makeup, and change their minds. It’s all allowed.


About the Author

Janice E. Black

Janice E. Black is a mother, social worker, mental health professional, and teacher whose insights into psychology, relationships, and institutions inform the multitude of stories she has to tell. The Year the Beatles Broke Up is her second novel.

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