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Is It Paranormal Experience… or Wishful Thinking?

Molly has an extraordinary talent: she can manipulate everyday life with her writing “gift.” Her short stories, her advice column for teens, and her work with abused women all become intertwined with hallucinations as she descends into pathological narcissism, while she remains fixated on the idea of having a child. By means of her “gift,” Molly brings about the conception and birth of Clarissa, using as her tool the vulnerable teenager, Patty. Clarissa has a life-altering talent of her own: her drawings and pictures are prophetic and clairvoyant. Secluded together in a cabin in the Colorado Rockies, Molly and Clarissa collaborate with their “gifts,” dabbling in magical ritual and alphabets, creating mythic tales, and playing tricks on ordinary people. But Clarissa doesn’t belong to Molly—and someday Patty will grow up and claim her child…as will the shadowy figure of Clarissa’s father, who remains a little-known and possibly dangerous figure. Insightful, thrilling, and fascinating, What My Words Do to You is a remarkable exploration of the ways in which people influence one another.


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Janice E. Black

JANICE E. BLACK is a mother, social worker, mental health professional, and teacher whose insights into psychology, relationships, and institutions inform the multitude of stories she has to tell. In her writing and in her life, she is an advocate for justice and peace.

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