The Elephant Bond

A Sequel to 13 Days in Africa

by Kay Peterson


Book Details

A Novel About Loyalty, Loss And Love

In this sequel to 13 Days in Africa, the survivors of a kidnapping form a unique bond that resembles that of the endangered elephant’s life in the wild savanna. Their loyalty to each other entwines their lives with the African family that helped them to survive. In this sequel, as they help each other through heartbreak, they discover: • Your past is not your future • Love is necessary for happiness • Life is meant to be fully lived


About the Author

Kay Peterson

Kay Peterson began writing magazine articles in the ’70s. After nine successful non-fiction books, including Beating the Odds (the story of her amazing life), she wrote her first novel. Requests from readers of 13 Days in Africa encouraged her to write this sequel. She now resides in Fredericksburg, Texas.

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