by Jeff Becker


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Imagine yourself in church one Sunday morning, when all of the sudden what should appear at the front of the sanctuary but a massive angel, specifically a six-winged seraph. You can tell that this is no mere stunt, as in both its appearance and its deportment it is clear that this is definitely not a creature from this world. This was the experience of the members of The First Presbyterian Church in an unnamed city in America on an otherwise uneventful Sunday morning. However, what at first appeared as terrifying epiphany would eventually speak to the congregation in their own familiar tongue. He would tell them that he had been sent to provide a very specific message concerning what was found wanting in their church and what they must do to amend their practices. The whole ordeal would last several hours. The angel called “Seraf” would also bring a pair of guests with him to expand upon his message. When service concluded not only would the church be left with a remarkable experience, the life of the church would never be the same. So, come join us in this unusual drama set in the form of a play. Learn what the angel has to say. Listen to what the narrator called “Chorus” brings in terms of his own perspective. Last but not least, learn what you can for your own experience of church. It may be that you do not require an epiphany; the play itself may supply all the information you need.


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Jeff Becker

Jeff Becker is a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary (1985) and was ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America in 1989. He has served as pastor, educator, and music-director, to name a few of his ministerial roles. This is his fourth book (and first play) published by Outskirts Press.

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