USS Constitution's Escape from Armageddon

by Alan Ables


Book Details

The Past Instructs the Future

In the threat of nuclear war, the President orders USS Constitution, America's oldest continually commissioned warship, to escape, hoping Old Ironsides will survive to inspire a post-apocalyptic world. On the eve of her sailing, her master disappears, taken on a fantastic voyage through space and time.


About the Author

Alan Ables

Alan Ables served around the globe, from Asia to the Middle East, as an public relations adviser and speech writer at major military commands. After retiring from the Navy he continued writing for a number of print publications and the Associated Press. He was a consultant for LIFE Magazine during the first Gulf War. He also continued to write speeches for nearly a dozen admirals and generals, including the Air Force Chief of Staff. His behind-the-scenes relationships with personalities ranging from U.S. Presidents to world-class entertainers has shaped his fiction. Ables takes real events from recent and far-distant history and crafts them into fast-paced action/adventure stories. Decades as a speech writer have shaped his writing style; readers are treated to a narrative that reads like the spoken word.

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