Leaving the Secular Wilderness, A Journey to Faith

by John Timmerman


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A Free Choice That Can Change Your Life!

Leaving the Secular Wilderness illuminates the stark differences between secular living and living in faith to God and Jesus. It provides a succinct overview of the Bible along with some of the reasons people may have misconceptions about what being a Christian is all about. Whether you have left a life of faith—as the author did for 39 years—or have never experienced faith, this book offers many surprises. Learn why the secular/Christian arguments between evolution and creationism should be ignored—and should not be an impediment to anyone choosing to have faith. There are descriptions of the differing versions of the Bible, and some gentle pokes at Christians, from an author who possesses many secular perspectives that most lifelong Christians do not have. If you have ever been curious about Christianity and churches, this concise, enlightening book can provide insight about the beautiful life available to everyone through a free, yet priceless choice!


About the Author

John Timmerman

John Timmerman has lived an active life. He served as a Marine on active duty for 26 years, he is a certified personal fitness trainer, and he has completed 20 marathons. A recreational SCUBA diver, he is also professionally certified as an assistant instructor. The most profound change in his life has been returning to faith in God and Jesus and worshiping them daily. John Timmerman currently teaches middle school in Virginia.

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