Perilous Journey Book 3

Guardians of the Hidden Lair

by Gregory M. Juzwick


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“You May Be The Alpha Male Around Here!” He Angrily Shouted. “But You Just Met Your Omega!”

The months have passed since the Lair Fighters took on the military at the Carved Mountains. Everyone enjoyed peace once again. The new assets of the Hidden Lair have helped in the search for survivors and survivor and supply search teams come and go on a weekly basis. The computer complex assist in the locating of people and the welcome center helps keep the Hidden Lair safe and secure. Two survivor search teams who were sent to the old Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area have gone missing and the Council is concerned that they may have run into trouble. They vote to send the Guardian Team up to search and rescue them if need be. Greygor assembles his team and travels north on familiar highways. Along the way they are met with different dilemmas. In Pittsburgh they find that the other teams have been captured and are in danger and their lives are threatened. The guardian team is put to the test and uses all their skill and abilities to rescue their friends and family.


About the Author

Gregory M. Juzwick

Gregory M. Juzwick was born on January 1, 1964 in Tampa Florida. His family moved soon after to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Gregory‘s teenage years were spent in the Moon township area where he began dabbling with writing poetry, short stories and a novel he called Phoenix 5 around the age of fifteen that which was renamed Phoenix 6. He Graduated from Moon Senior High School in 1983 and then joined the U.S. Army to serve his country for three years. He returned to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1986 and began his retail jewelry career. In 1988 he moved to Hendersonville, North Carolina, to assist his family with their Jewelry store. The mountains and forest of the area were magnificent and rich with beauty and served as his inspiration as did the Pittsburgh region, for his series. He began writing his first book of the Guardians of the Hidden Lair series that he called, Rising from the Ashes in 1998. In 2004 Gregory moved back to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area where he continued his retail sales career as well as continued his writing. In 2012 the book, Rising from the Ashes was published and enjoyed by many. The much anticipated second book Carved Mountain War of the series was published in March of 2013; Perilous Journey of the Guardians of the Hidden Lair is the third installment of the series.

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