Rising from the Ashes

Guardians of the Hidden Lair

by Gregory M. Juzwick


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One Man’s dreams of world domination are challenged by another man’s dream of protecting those around him after nuclear war devastates our world, as we knew it. From the ashes of destruction the Guardians of the Hidden Lair are born!

By the end of the twentieth century the world as we knew it had become worse than anyone could have ever thought. Crime was rampant, war was breaking out all over and terrorist acts around the world were growing more numerous as each year passed. As the twenty first century came and went it kept getting worse. In the United States crime was out of control and terrorists began striking within this once great country. Everyone prayed for a savior to come. Years went by before a ray of hope shined through. A new President came into power named Jonathan T. Matthews. With harsh laws and the use of martial law, he was able to get crime under control within two years. The American people were pleased with his work and his abilities. Unknown to them President Matthews had a hidden agenda he had been working on for years. Matthews set into motion the events that would lead up to nuclear war making it easy for him to take over the world. The nuclear missiles fly and three fourths of the world’s population is lost. With his military, he begins to capture and kill those who have survived. His dream of world domination was nearly accomplished. Luckily, all men dream. One in particular dreams of protecting his family and friends from the now hostile world they now live in. Greygor Josephs rises from the ashes to find a safe haven for his family called the Hidden Lair. After settling his family in, he sets off to find his other surviving family members before the military finds them. Along the way from North Carolina up into Pennsylvania, he finds other survivors who assist him in staying one step ahead of Matthews. As he finds more and more survivors, he begins creating fighting groups to help get them all back to the Hidden Lair. Friends and family unite in an action-packed adventure from start to finish! A legend is born and from the ashes of devastation, The Guardians of the Hidden Lair came forth!


Book Excerpt

Machine gun fire from around the curve caused all three men to jump up and look over in that direction! They could hear men yelling and then Dutch and Pete came riding hard around the curve towards them! Arthur grabbed his bow and arrows and his rifle and headed up the hill and into the woods. Greygor and Kent grabbed their rifles and jumped behind the mound of dirt in the road on either side! “We got trouble!” Dutch yelled as he jumped off his horse and headed behind a tree on the other side of the road as Pete did the same! “A group of soldiers and a tank headed our way!” “Arthur! Greygor yelled out to him. “As soon as you see them rounding the curve hit them hard! Pete! Find better cover! As he yelled gunfire erupted ahead of them and before Pete could move his body shook as he was hit by a number of bullets! He fell to the ground lifeless! An arrow slammed into the chest of the soldier who had shot Pete knocking him backwards! Greygor saw soldiers rounding the curve and taking cover behind trees and rocks along the way! He shot one of them as he tried to dive behind a log on the side of the road. They could now hear the engine of the tank slowly making its way towards them. Kent fired a shot at a soldier behind a tree and then took cover behind the dirt. Arthur was shooting and moving in the woods on the hill, he fired another arrow into another soldier who was trying to get a shot off at Dutch


About the Author

Gregory M. Juzwick

Gregory Mark Juzwick was born in Tampa, Florida. Gregory was raised with his three brothers and sister by very caring and understanding parents. They moved to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area where he grew up most of his childhood. While going to Moon Senior high school he dabbled with his writing ability, creating poems, short stories and a novel called Phoenix, around the age of fifteen. After graduating from school, Gregory entered the United States Army for three years serving in Fort Benning, Georgia. Returning to Pittsburgh in 1986, he began his retail career in the Jewelry industry. In 1988, his family moved to Hendersonville, North Carolina, to assist his parents with their Jewelry store. In 2004 he moved back up to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he continued his sales career as well as continued working on his books. After years of writing, rewrites and editing this book Rising from the Ashes has been completed.

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