Moment of Greed

by Michael D. Mitchell


Book Details

Unfortunately, Mike’s path in life was ultimately determined by one word: Greed

Moment of Greed is the story of Mike Bradford—a young man with a happy childhood and an honorable career in the Army. After completing his military obligation, Mike relocates to Seattle to work in security at a large firm. But when he finds himself living beyond his income, he begins to look for opportunities to make extra money. After overhearing a conversation in the cafeteria, he lets his greed overcome his common sense—and in a matter of a few weeks, Mike has set a course that will lead him into the seedy underbelly of human trafficking...and ultimately prison. He serves his sentence and then becomes part of the Witness Protection program. But fate will deal Mike Bradford one more surprise in Moment of Greed, an unforgettable novel about the frailties of human nature.


About the Author

Michael D. Mitchell

Michael D. Mitchell was born in Riverside, California. He served eight years in the US Air Force, including a tour in Vietnam, and spent the majority of his working career in the insurance industry. Currently living in Wenatchee, Washington, Mike spends most of his time writing, playing with his dog Ginger Von Snap, and working in his yard and garden. He is also a six-time cancer survivor whose favorite saying is “Keep smiling!”

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