Body Language

Another Collection of Poems About Aging

by Janet Cameron Hoult


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Another Collection of Poems about Aging

When you lose your vision, your hearing and your balance, it’s hard to find any humor in the inevitable aging process. These all too human conditions—from wrinkles to worn-out knees, counting calories and colonoscopies, and all the aches and pains in between—form the backbone of Body Language, a hilarious collection of poems that lament the infirmities of age. We can all relate to the frustration of aging body parts, but if you can poke fun at yourself, you can handle whatever life hands you! So read, enjoy, and laugh! And remember, “Though our bodies do not function / As they did when we sought action / With pills and exercise each day / We hope that we will be OK…”


About the Author

Janet Cameron Hoult

Janet Cameron Hoult, Professor Emerita at California State University, Los Angeles, has lived and traveled all over the world. She attended high school in Iran, and universities in Lebanon, France, and the United States, with teaching assignments in Germany, Korea, Japan, Thailand, and China. Now in her seventies, Dr. Hoult and her husband, Charley, live in Southern California. Her poetry collection Body Parts: A Collection of Poems about Aging, also published by Outskirts Press, won a Reader’s Favorite Award. Proceeds from the sale of Body Language and Body Parts will go to the David Cameron Fisher Memorial Scholarship at CSULA.

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