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Hold onto your seat for the fourth installment of The Farm series, the continuing saga of the Carlsons—a uniquely talented family who live on a 4,000-acre former plantation in central Virginia.

The intrepid Carlson family is once again drawn into defending the U.S. from those determined to traffic in nuclear warhead components on American soil. While the gifted eighteen-year-old twins, Jack and Ava Carlson, attempt to rebuild shattered relationships with their first loves, Nate and Tory Bondurant, ex-Navy SEAL Andy Carlson and his wife Lindsey—a former CIA operative—enlist family friend Orvel Fletcher to investigate an unexpected legacy of Nate and Tory’s grandfather, a known ex-KGB agent who sold old Soviet warheads to Iranians eight years before. Several explosive encounters later, the Carlsons, Orvel, and the Bondurants seem to have successfully dealt with all threats—until a dual kidnapping leads to devastating discoveries, new heartbreak, and a desperate fight to the death. With suspense, intrigue, romance, and humor, Desperate Farm is yet another winner in the thrilling saga of The Farm.


About the Author

Charles C. Anderson

About the Author: Dr. Anderson is a retired Naval officer, an emergency physician, and a weapons specialist. He is an expert on Colonial Virginia, the Civil War, and limestone caves, all key subjects in this series. The plantation depicted has been his family’s home since 1743. The initial book in the series, The Farm, was awarded the 2013 Readers View Reviewers Choice Award and the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Award. The second and third books, Nuclear Farm and Blue Farm, were released in early 2014. Visit the author’s website at

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