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AFTER SEEING THOUSANDS OF DEAD CHILDREN IN THE STREETS OF WAR-TORN MIDDLE EAST, EX-NAVY SEAL ANDY CARLSON USES HIS 4,000 ACRE ANTEBELLUM PLANTATION TO TRAIN HIS PRECOCIOUS TEN YEAR OLD TWINS, JACK AND AVA, TO BE WARRIORS, NOT CASUALTIES. The U.S. President and the Prime Minister of Britain receive a startling warning. If they come to the aid of Israel in the coming Islamic Jihad against the Jewish state, martyrs hidden in their countries will destroy entire cities with nuclear warheads already in place. Any doubts the U.S. president has about nuclear weapons being in the hands of Islamic Fundamentalists are shattered with a mushroom cloud over the remains of Ras Tanura, a key Saudi oil export terminal near the Strait of Hormuz. One man and his wife have unique skills to address this nightmare. Their brainiac kids join them to track down one nail-biting threat after another. NUCLEAR FARM is the second novel in THE FARM series by award-winning author Charles C. Anderson.


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Charles C. Anderson

Dr. Anderson is a retired Naval Officer, an emergency physician, a critical care physician, and a weapons specialist. He is an expert on Colonial Virginia, the Civil War, limestone caves, and military installations in Hampton Roads, Virginia, all key subjects in this novel. The plantation depicted in this book has been his family's home since 1743.

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