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Tomorrow’s History

A masonic order, concerned with the direction in which the United States is heading, decides to take advantage of a sophisticated fertilization process, which utilizes a highly advanced stem cell technology. The head of a stem cell laboratory and its secret branch conspires to switch the original samples of experimental genetic material with those of famous, mason-selected individuals who, in some way, have made a positive contribution to American history. As hopes of a return to the country's traditional roots ensue, a Russian sleeper group of researchers, implanted into the branch a long time ago, makes another crucial switch.


About the Author

Eugene Balakirov

STEMMARE is Eugene's second fiction novel that depicts his creative approach to storytelling. Just like his first 2013 novel -- The Bell -- this story is meant to capture the imaginations of readers and moviegoers alike. Eugene has showcased his artistic and creative abilities through theatrical and rock music performances, newspaper articles, short poems, stories, songs and graphic designs. Born and raised in Russia, Eugene moved to the U.S. in 1994 and presently lives in Houston, Texas with his family.

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