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From the author of The Great Southern Circus and The Long Road Home comes the highly anticipated sequel

Snakes, haints, and gators lie in wait for the Simmons family when they move south to north-central Florida in 1917. The family faces an uncertain and frightening future in this strange new land long before paved roads, electricity or indoor plumbing. With this poignant and entertaining new book, you can relive the true adventures of a pioneer family as they climb aboard...The Sandspur Special! Praise for The Great Southern Circus: “ engrossing and poignant testimony to how much times have changed and how our ancestors endured so many hardships. It is a humbling and accurate portrayal of a life we can only remotely imagine.” --Amazon reviews. “The Great Southern Circus gives a colorful, passionate insight into the lives of circus-folk.” --Amazon reviews. Praise for The Long Road Home: “Nick West has once again created an engaging read. With what I can only imagine is months of research, he weaves his characters' lives and emotions into the dark days of America's Civil War. A must-read for history lovers!” --Amazon reviews.


About the Author

Nick West

Nick West was born in Gainesville, Florida, and grew up on his family's farm near Archer. He attended Gainesville High School and the University of Florida. He is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and, along with his son and daughter, owns and operates a landscape business. Nick West's first book, The Great Southern Circus, is about his ancestors, who were part of a circus troupe in the 1850s. It was originally written for his family, but was so well received by other readers that he wrote the sequel, The Long Road Home, as he followed the characters from his first book through the American Civil War. The Sandspur Special is based on the same family as they move to Florida in 1917.

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