Ba Gua Nei Gong Volume 1: Yin Yang Patting And Dao Yin Exercises

by Tom Bisio

Ba Gua Nei Gong Volume 1: Yin Yang Patting And Dao Yin Exercises

Ba Gua Nei Gong Volume 1: Yin Yang Patting And Dao Yin Exercises

by Tom Bisio

Published Nov 29, 2013
95 Pages
Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Healing / Energy (Qigong, Reiki, Polarity)


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Ba Gua Nei Gong Volume 1: Yin Yang Patting & Dao Yin Exercises

Embedded within the martial art Ba Gua Zhang is a complete system of internal exercises that promote self-healing and longevity and transform consciousness. Ba Gua Nei Gong consists of nine powerful and profound methods of internal exercise and self-cultivation.

This book is the first in a series of manuals on Ba Gua Nei Gong. It can be used in conjunction with actual instruction in Ba Gua Zhang, or employed as a stand-alone instruction manual.

Yin Yang Patting Nei Gong is often the starting point for learning Ba Gua Zhang and for the practice of Nei Gong and other Yang Sheng (Nourishing Life) Exercises. The primary function of the Patting Nei Gong is to begin to open the meridians by patting and slapping along their trajectories. Unblocking, opening and coursing the meridians in this manner is an important precursor to advanced energetic practices.

Dao Yin Nei Gong is often performed in conjunction with the Patting Nei Gong because the two practices have different, yet complimentary actions. While the Patting Nei Gong focuses on dispersing energy blockages and their accompanying muscular tension, Dao Yin Nei Gong emphasizes regulating the internal energetics of the body. The mechanism that promotes and harmonizes the functioning of the internal organs and their organic interconnections is known as the Qi Dynamic. The Dao Yin exercises work directly to regulate the Qi Dynamic, thereby stimulating one's natural healing powers and preventing disease from taking root. This in turn promotes health and proper functioning of the body.

These two Nei Gong methods are relatively simple to perform, yet profound in their effect. Patting and Dao Yin work together in a harmonious yin yang balance. In order to properly train the Qi Dynamic, the pathways of the qi (the meridians) must be relatively open and unrestricted. As these energetic pathways are opened, the qi must be regulated so that its movements and actions are smooth and harmonious. These fundamental methods of simultaneously "opening up" and "regulating" are a key, but often overlooked step in internal development. They open the door to more advanced Nei Gong practices, and at the same time, form part of the foundational practice of internal martial arts like Ba Gua Zhang.


About the Author

Tom Bisio

Tom Bisio is known internationally as a martial artist and practitioner of Chinese medicine. He has studied Chinese medicine and martial arts extensively in mainland China. Tom is the author of several books on Ba Gua Zhang, Nei Gong, Daoist Meditation and Chinese medicine. He is the founder of New York Internal Arts and Internal Arts International ( and founder of Practical Chinese Medicine (

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