Four Points in Time and Place

Delights and Dilemmas of a Global Traveler

by Shirley D. Meier


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Travel Fun, Facts and a Few Mishaps

Take a journey with Shirley Meier through 45 years of global adventures in our dynamic and often surprising world. As an ordinary traveler, she finds herself engulfed in the extraordinary events and lives of people in developing Mexico, divided Germany, emerging China, and the changing American scene.


About the Author

Shirley D. Meier

Shirley D. Meier, a native of North Dakota, spent many years teaching both English and English as a Second Language in suburban Chicago high schools. She has a B.A. from the University of Montana, a Master’s from Northern Illinois University and additional education from the University of Mexico, London University and Roosevelt University. She worked in the theater as a young woman and has always enjoyed the cultural experiences that travel offers. Now retired in Centennial, CO, she spends time with her family, gardening and mission work in Kenya.

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