Poor Lenin's Almanac

Perverse Leftist Proverbs for Modern Life

by Bruce Walker

Poor Lenin's Almanac

Poor Lenin's Almanac

Perverse Leftist Proverbs for Modern Life

by Bruce Walker

Published Jul 30, 2010
207 Pages


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Bruce Walker is a Truth seeker, unconstrained by political correctness and its conventional categories of analysis.

– Thomas Lifson, Editor and Publisher, American Thinker

"Bruce Walker is a Truth seeker, unconstrained by political correctness and its conventional categories of analysis."

–Thomas Lifson, Publisher, American Thinker

"One can expect three things from a work by Bruce Walker: clear reasoning, impeccable writing, and careful scholarship. Walker rarely disappoints."

– Larrey Anderson, Author, The Order of the Beloved and Underground: Life and Survival in the Russian Black Market

"Luminous.....incandescent.....a stunning, searing indictment of today's politics.....a brilliant, deeply penetrating analysis of our current malaise…A new star is shining in the literary heavens and its name is Walker."

– Herb Meyer, Former Vice Chairman, CIA National Intelligence Council, Publisher of Storm King Press

"Bruce Walker has been, in my eyes, one of the most unswerving defenders and lovers of American freedom that I have ever had the privilege to know. It is, I think, your honor to enter his world."

– Michael Moriarity, Emmy and Tony award-winning actor

"Bruce’s knowledge of history, his wry and subtle sense of humor, and his laser targeted analysis of the serious issues make this book intellectual candy most delicious."

– Steve Cates, Editor and Publisher, The Dakota Beacon


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Poor Lenin cannot live without miserable people. Whatever you imagine about your life, Poor Lenin can convince you that you are really a victim. Are you a woman? Then you are a victim. Are you black or brown or yellow? Then you are a victim. Are you handicapped? Then you are a victim. Do you have a child with special needs? Then you are a victim. Are you a child? Then you are a victim. Are you rather old? Then you are a victim.

Victims, according to Poor Lenin, are not people with problems to overcome. Victims are deserving people. Victims are wronged people. Victims have special rights. This philosophy of Poor Lenin is radically different than what being a victim has meant throughout human history.

When Mongols razed cities, the inhabitants were victims. When Roman armies marched, victims were left in the wake. When the Aztecs needed for human hearts to placate their savage gods, victims were captured in war and brought before the altar for sacrifice. These victims did not do anything ennobling. These victims might have been villains as well as victims. The cities razed by Mongols might have conquered other cities, if they could. Were German soldiers who were hammered by Allied warplanes also victims? Yes…and? We all suffer in life and we all in time die. Are we all victims? Pretty much. Whose “victimhood” counts more? We are not God. We do not know.

It is also an important fact that victims may be the principal reason for their problems in life, like alcoholics or drug abusers. Young men who join gangs are more likely to be the victim of violence than studious boys who come home and study at night. None of this diminishes the fact that injured and savaged people are victims, but it changes the character of their victimhood from the sort of nobility that Poor Lenin invents into a sort of circumstantial test: the moral status of every victim must be judged individually.

In the real world, throughout human history, there was nothing particularly honorable about being a victim. It was unfortunate. It might – it often should – induce pity and charity from compassionate people. But it was not the source of human goodness. Indeed, it was largely disconnected from human goodness. Only masochists want to continue being “victims,” and only sadists want victims to stay victims. Well, Poor Lenin views sadism and masochism as nonjudgmental versions of alternative lifestyles. Most importantly, the only thing in Poor Lenin’s life that matters is what makes him a tin pot deity. By convincing groups of people that they are eternal victims and that he is their local god, Poor Lenin can persuade people to always support him – not just with their votes, but with their voices, their anger, and their curses against the eternal enemy...


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Bruce Walker

Bruce Walker is guy who researched the Battleground Poll data and explained in articles, picked up by Rush Limbaugh and others, that "60% of America is conservative." He is a regular contributor to American Thinker and his many othe periodicals. Walker is the author of two earlier books, Swastika Against the Cross: The Nazi War on Christianity and Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie.

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